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Whiskey & Cash Artists

Peter Assad

Peter is the son of two Middle Eastern immigrants, Peter Assad hails from alma mater Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University) where he first began studying art, then music, and now continues to learn new and various artistic mediums to communicate what is good and true in a beautiful way. Peter and his wife Grace create together through word, art, and song. 

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Brittany Fan

Brittany is a painter, photographer, illustrator, and designer in Charlottesville, Virginia. After studying studio art, arts administration, and art history at the University of Virginia, she found herself compelled to pursue creative practices with particular attention toward how they inspire and shape individuals and communities, and how art can serve as a conduit of connection and hope in the world. Her work across many visual disciplines is centered around capturing and amplifying stories, with the belief that storytelling and meaning-making are crucial to our understanding of and experience of the world in all its beauty and brokenness.

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Gregory Kolsto

Gregory has been dabbling with artistic endeavors since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Instead of pursuing a traditional career in the arts, he abandoned an obvious track of study and fell into a 25-year long career in the coffee business. All along, the vocation of a working artist followed him, whispering, "stop running." He hasn't stopped running, and the vocation seems to have caught up with him, all the same. Underscoring the hundreds of paintings, drawings and prints created over decades are two solo painting exhibitions and a handful of group shows. A book of art is available through his day job at Oddly Correct coffee company in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Sabrina Owings

Sabrina is a Kansas City, Missouri based artist and art historian. Born and raised in the Midwest, she is inspired by the natural environment and rich history of the Great Plains. She uses ink, watercolor, and acrylic paints in her work which celebrates flora and fauna while revealing intimate moments of her daily life. She uses a number of recurring motifs such as a variety of fruits and produce, flowering trees, grassy meadows, jellyfish, and frequent references to Greek and Roman mythology to create magical realism illustrations.

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Lauren Stevens

Lauren was raised alongside car engineers and Bible scholars in the desert terrain of Chandler, Arizona. A young love of ink pen drawing easily translated to the linear nature of copper etching as she studied at the Kansas City Art Institute with a specialized emphasis in printmaking.

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Lizzy Zirkel

Lizzy was born and raised in south Kansas City, Missouri. From a very young age, she was interested in art and the amazing community that came with being an artist. Her passion for intricate details and whimsical messes of lines came through pen and ink drawing and eventually transferred over to printmaking as the mesmerizing structures were explored even more.

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